Refurbishment of an apartment from the 50s

Location Poznań, Poland
Year 2017 - 2020
Status Completed
Client Private
Program Interior of an apartment
Area 55 m2
Team Jola Starzak, Dawid Strębicki, Luis Gómez Soriano, Mūge Evren, Cristina Rodriguez, Jozef Sklenka, Olga Zelenska
Photography Danil Daneliuk

The modernized flat with the area of 55 square meters located in the low-rise buildings from the 50’s is a result of joining together two premises. As a result of this action the new space of the flat is both quite long and shallow, accompanied with six windows evenly exposing the rooms to the sunlight. The character of the enlarged space is defined by the multifunctional „wall-furniture” dividing the surfaces into particular functions: a living room, a kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom and an entry area. The wall also holds in itself a door to individual rooms (sliding door to the bedroom and traditionally opened, high to the very ceiling, to the bathroom) as well as many different niches functioning as wardrobes. The existing wooden plank flooring was supplemented and after polishing oiled. However, in the kitchen and the bathroom, where there was no original wood, new floor was made from granite tiles. The sliding bedroom door allow to manage intimacy and comfort.