House with tailoring and sail repair workshop 

Location Greater Poland, Poland
Year 2018 -
Status In realization
Client Private
Program A one story high, single-family house with a tailoring and sail repair workshop
Area 105 m2
Team Jola Starzak, Dawid Strębicki, Bartosz Bisaga, Oliwia Tatara

During the design process of the house, we faced the challenge of creating a space combining different types of residential functions. We have minimized the number of walls and additional elements in favour of a simple, modern form to fully use the area of 100m2 for the needs of the user. On the ground floor, we have designed a spacious rectangular and naturally lit space. Next to the studio, we allocated space for the kitchen, bathroom and storage space with a spacious wardrobe. The bedroom is placed on the entresol, which allowed for a smooth separation of the private and the semi-public sphere. Solar panels placed on the roof play a crucial role as they cover the total energy demand of the house. As a result, we managed to complete the fundamental project assumption - we balanced ecological values with economic benefits. The brick in the interior (porotherm) has been painted white and the ceiling is made of OSB boards. The whole interior has simple, but distinct character supporting the flexible possibilities of space use.