Refurbishment of an interior in Kindergarten nr 87

Location Poznań, Poland
Year 2018
Status Completed
Program Furniture made of plywood (platform, sliding doors, wardrobes, desk)
Team Jola Starzak, Dawid Strębicki, Luis Gómez Soriano, Davide La Manna
Photography Mateusz Bieniaszczyk

Located at the Wilda in Poznań, the 87th Jacusia and Agatka Kindergarten is an example of well-designed architecture which, despite the passage of time, can still be an inspiration for the younger generation of architects. Our activities focused on the reconstruction of three classrooms, where we tried to maximize the spatial potential of both rooms and add new elements that complement the existing interior. The large size and differentiation in the height of the ceilings in each of the rooms allowed us to define two zones: a general zone for common play and exercise, and a more intimate zone (lower), which serves as a rest area. The new mobile door connecting the two rooms has been partially covered with board paint so that it can also serve as a panel on which you can place information or drawings. In the corner of one of the rooms, there is a multifunctional platform where things can be stored, but at the same time, it serves as a small stage and space for creativity, interaction and play. By widening the window sills along the windows, preschoolers have gained another place to spend their free time and observe nature in the school garden. The maximization of functions was not forgotten either, so underneath the windowsills, there was a thought of providing space for storing things and toys. The choice of material was based on its multisensory properties, strength and friendly surface in use, so it was decided to make all the elements of birch plywood.