Refurbishment of an interior in Kindergarten nr 46

Location Poznań, Poland
Year 2018
Status Completed
Program Refurbishment of a kindergarten room
Area 102 m2
Team Jola Starzak, Dawid Strębicki, Bartosz Bisaga, Luis Gómez Soriano, Zuzanna Wysoczyńska
Photography Mateusz Bieniaszczyk

In the project of reorganization of the kindergarten's interior we focused on profiling architectural solutions, which would use the potential of a large area (102m2) and would introduce into the space a multitude of ways of using it. We started the new arrangement with the introduction of a mild grey. This allowed us to give the room a more comfortable colour perception, which also calmed down the previously unpleasant colour design. The room is divided into different zones, which guarantee flexibility of use and meet the spatial mobility requirement: in a matter of minutes, the layout can be quickly reorganized and the room can be adapted to the current requirements and needs. The central part is a common area for collective play and exercises, while the use of a recess on the opposite side of the entrance allowed for the separation of a mini stage with the possibility of installing a curtain. Thanks to this, the kindergarten has gained a theatre zone, which is perfect for the presentation of artistic and stage activities of preschoolers. In two corners there are zones of wooden platforms serving as a place for storing preschool equipment, but at the same time perfectly suited for the function of auditoriums and playgrounds in smaller groups of children. The previously existing problem of storing things was solved by installing cabinets with shelves along the walls. The window recesses have also gained new functions, where the focus was on designing wide windowsills, which thanks to this treatment turned into cozy and intimate rest areas with a view of the courtyards of the building. In order to maximize the use of space, the recesses under the window sills also serve as storage compartments. The whole is complemented by mobile seats hidden under the window sills, which can be used as elements for playing, and in the case of speeches, they serve as additional seats for the audience.