Holiday apartment on Polish seaside

Location Niechorze, Poland
Year 2013 - 2014
Status Completed
Client Private
Program Refurbishment of an apartment
Area 35 m2
Team Jola Starzak, Dawid Strębicki, Katarzyna Leśniewska, Anna Śmierzchalska
Photography Mateusz Bieniaszczyk

The interior in Niechorze was designed to exact the lifestyle of vacationists. Resulting in an open space with functionality and comfort that are being defined by its very users. It is enabled both by sliding doors between two rooms and mobile furniture (i.e. beds on wheels) as well as intense colours determining the atmosphere of coziness in the situation of a temporary stay.


The interior’s space is constructed due to the principle of playing with oppositions (i.e. joining/dividing, gathering/separating, eliciting/concealing) directing the experience of stay towards highly individual in its character. Used materials such as shuttering plywood (multiplex) or granite are durable and warrant to keep the apartment clean. The interior is easily configurable depending on the changing number of people (from 2 to 5).