Addition building for Campus Haspel, home to the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering of Bergische Universität in Wuppertal

Location Wuppertal, Germany
Year 2021
Status Closed competition
Client Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Program New university building at Campus Haspel located by the Wupper river.
Powierzchnia 6.470 m2
Zespół Jola Starzak, Dawid Strębicki, Bárbara Nila Cañedo,
Ada Kocieniewska, Maksymilian Bernady

The main objective of the project was to create new, user-friendly building on the Haspel campus, that combines functionality and sustainability in a building with valuable character. The compact form, significant use of prefabricated elements and covered terraces around the building provide a low-cost fabrication and maintenance, while creating a structure with strong identity. The building is divided into three areas, the middle one serving as a multifunctional, shared ‘agora’ which is naturally illuminated by a glazed roof and containing vertical circulation. The ‘agora’ adds new value as a semi-public multifunctional space within the building interior.

The rectangular floorplan allows functions to be organized along the façade, providing access of natural light into all interior spaces. Placement of functions within the building is based on the gradation of privacy: the higher the floor, the more private functions will be located there. The main entrance leads directly to the ‘agora’. The ground floor is a space for exhibitions and workshops. First floor houses library and a spacious lecture hall. Rooms with more limited access, such as offices and laboratories are located on the second and third floor. The ground floor functions are connected to the adjacent outdoor space. The exhibition area is oriented towards the new square which can serve as the interior’s extension during open air events. On the upper floors, users of the building are offered diverse views: the south-east library windows look out onto the square, while the lecture hall has a view on the Wupper river and the suspension railway above it. Offices and laboratories benefit from the broad panorama as well. Due to the compact form, the new building has a very advantageous A/V ratio. To keep maintenance costs low, high level of energy efficiency in ensured both in winter and summer with optimal user comfort.