Arrangement of Jurand Square by the City Hall in Szczytno

Location Szczytno, Poland
Year 2020 - 
Status 1st phase: completed
2nd phase: concept completed
Client Szczytno Municipality
Program Urban furniture for Jurand Square
(2 large flower pots with attached seats, 12 mobile seats with two variants of backrest, 5 triangular flower pots)
Area 2.000 m2
Team Jola Starzak, Dawid Strębicki, Bartosz Bisaga, Magdalena Talarczyk

The concept to transform a part of Juranda square, serving for years as parking in front of the City Hall in Szczytno focuses on creating an open and welcoming public space for citizens of the town and as well its guests. Thanks to its multifunctional character, the new arrangement of the urban furniture can support various cultural activities and turn the square into an open and attractive meeting spot for all the city dwellers. Addressing the needs of flexibility, the project includes a design of mobile seats and pots with evergreen plants and wooden, round benches which can also serve as place for greenery, or a fountain installed in its center. The furniture and pots are designed with steel construction covered with exotic wooden planks. This selection of materials provides long lasting quality and noble aging process. To fulfill the user’s needs, both seats and pots can be arranged to create a lively space for cultural events, but as well they can be arranged in many layouts such as amphitheater, cascade, groups etc. Depending on the configuration, the space can encourage social interaction and play a role of city agora as well as become a quiet shelter from the daily rush of the city.