Refurbishment of an urban planning atelier

Location Poznań, Poland
Year 2019 - 2020
Status Completed
Client Private
Program Office interior with a conference room, social facilities and toilet
Area 60 m2
Team Jola Starzak, Dawid Strębicki, Martyna Karnaś, Martina Ferraro
Photography Jakub Wittchen

The project of the interior of an atelier of urban planning is located in an existing tenement house in the center of Poznań. The project’s most characteristic element is the layout of the enfilade – a user is intuitively guided through rooms from the more accessible and public towards intime and private zones.


A platform for meetings and discussions, open for visitors and students is located from the street’s side. This buffer space is separated from the main office space thanks to the designed yellow bookshelf with integrated doors, ensuring additional acoustic comfort. The space located in the most inner part is equipped with a built-in kitchenette and a toilet. It smoothly leads to the platform separated with two steps with wood finishing, used for the administration and a storage of the documentation of the office.


The design of furniture and elements of woodwork made of stained and melamine-coated plywood in intense colours are the most predominant element defining the interior. Compact, built-in furniture enables the freedom and flexibility of the use of the space. The project has been realised within strictly defined, limited budget and therefore involved the use of already-existing elements such as the floor or the original ceiling with wood finishing. The LED lights have been installed for the even and homogenic illumination of the space, ensuring the comfort for the future users.